Senin, 23 November 2009


Land toraja have very many traditions customs very interesting. Starting from the event of death, known as the (rambu solo '), the wedding is in the know with the title (rambu Tuka'), custom home celebration event (tongkonan) is known by the title (mang rara) and many others.

The largest event is the party of death (rambu solo'). In this death feast (rambu solo) is an activity that became a tradition the people of MA'BADONG toraja. In each party there must be death this activity. The party of death is not complete if no activity. MA'BADONG only be done on just the death of the party, should not be on any event or party. MA'BADONG is singing the song of sorrow and consolation.

MA'BADONG in doing more than 20 people, MA'BADONG can not be done by few people only. Here the people join hands and form a circle. They sing the notes that we usually do not listen. They spin slowly in accordance with the movement of hands and feet. His movements are very simple and can be done by everyone. This activity is not only done by men only but women can also participate.

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

Toraja Safe and Comfortable

Demonstrations, bombings, suicide bombings, terrorism, robbery and others, it happens everywhere. Many terrorists who have no love. Therefore we should not be complacent at all.
Although everywhere there such thing, but on the tanah toraja no such thing. Toraja is one area that far from it. Toraja is a safe area for the visit by the tourists.
Population in soil toraja loved peace, and therefore the safety and comfort is always maintained.
In addition tanah toraja has many very interesting things. Starting from the culture, natural beauty, friendly locals and much more. Tanah toraja known as the unique culture. As the funeral familiar with the name rambu solo '.
Toraja make sure the soil in a safe area and convenient to visit.

Senin, 20 April 2009

Custom Ceremony in Tanah Toraja

1). Toraja have a tradition of respect for the death ritual known as the beacon Solo '. In Tana Toraja has its own custom ceremony two large rambu Solo and rambu Tuka'. rambu Solo 'is a ritual burial, while the rambu Tuka' is a traditional ceremony the new custom house, or a recently completed renovation.

2). Rambu Solo 'event is a very glorious tradition in Tana Toraja, due to take many days to celebrate. The ceremony is usually held on the day, when the sun began to gravitate west and usually takes 2-3 days. Usually, the noble, The grave itself is built on top of the cliffs at the height of the stone hill.

3). Because the trust Aluk To Dolo (Tana Toraja community trust) among the Tanah Toraja, the higher the corpse is placed, the more quickly the spirit up to Heaven.

4). The ceremony is for the respective classes of the community of course vary. When the countess died, the number of buffalo that will be deducted for the purpose of the event far more than for the non-grandee. For noble families, the number of buffalo can range from 24 up to 100 buffalo tails, and even have a 365 until the number of buffalo and pig tails reach the thousands. While middle-class residents are required slaughtered buffalo tails 8 plus the 50 pigs, and long ceremony about 3 days.

5). But, before the amount is insufficient, bones should not be buried in the cliffs or in high places. Hence, it is not rare relic stored for years in Tongkonan (Toraja traditional house) until the deceased families can set up animal sacrifice ..

6). Clay is in the first Tongkonan (Tongkonan tammuon), only a day, and the next day remains will be moved again to Tongkonan which is slightly to the top again, that is Tongkonan barebatu, and here is the same as the program in the first Tongkonan, the slaughter and meat go around to people around the Tongkonan.

7). Carried the corpse duba-duba (litter typical Toraja). In the future there duba-duba-lamba lamba (a long red cloth, usually located in front of the litter remains, and in this procession, the fabric is drawn by the women in the family).

8).This procession after church and lunch. Then close family spirit mengusung keranda join it. The men who lift keranda is, while the women-lamba lamba.

9). In this process there is a sequence that must be implemented, in the first we will see people carrying a huge gong, and then followed with tompi saratu (or the usual we-know with flag-bearer), and right in the back rows of tompi saratu have tedong (buffalo), followed by a lamba lamba-and then the last duba-duba. Here tedong (buffalo) who participate, sorted from the buffalo the most expensive to the most inexpensive. Price mancapai the buffalo have hundreds of million rupiah.

10). Corpse will be buried in Rante (special field where a procession in progress), there have been rough stand (temporary home made of bamboo and wood) that has been given a number. Penetrating itself functions as a residence of the relatives who came later. Because the event does not take them all back to their home but stay in the rough that has been provided by families who are sorrow.

11). Hearse procession finally reached the Rante that will be placed on lakkian (tower remains disemayamkannya place during a procession in progress). The tower is the highest building in the rough-rough on the Rante. Lakkian own tree made of bamboo with a form of traditional Toraja house. Dibaringkan on the corpse before lakkian will be buried. Rante is ready in a few head of buffalo akan ditinggoro (cut) to feed the guests and family.

12). After the hearse to the lakkian, next event is the reception of guests, including relatives who came from across the country. In the afternoon a procession after the reception is complete, followed by entertainment for the family and the guests who came, with the exhibit ma'pasilaga tedong (compete buffalo). Extraordinarily large number of spectators, because during the ceremony signs Solo ', ruminant animals compete is awaited event-waiting.

13). During the next few days the reception of guests and compete buffalo is the next agenda, receiving guests continue to be carried out until all the guests-guests are in place that provided the rough located in Rante. Always held the day afternoon water buffalo compete, this is an entertainment that tune by the Tana Toraja until the funeral day. Whether it is buried in lo'ko 'batu (holes in the cliffs, mountain cliffs), in patane (grave made as custom house) and that in lo'ko' mata (large stones in the hollow because it deliberately be chiselled).

Jumat, 13 Maret 2009

Toraja Tourism (ke'te' kesu', londa, lo'ko'mata, palawa')

Ke'te' kesu'

Ke'te sound 'is located about 4 km in the north-east of Padang city in the district of sound'. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tana Toraja, Ke'te sound 'with the bewitching Tongkonannya house, barn, granary, menhir, and also with the craft pahatannya. Location behind the house and barn, about 100 meters, there is a location of a burial hole, and hanging grave patane (house-shaped tombs). This place can be reached by public transport Rantepao - La'bo ', motorcycles from Rantepao, or walk for about 45 - 60 minutes.


Londa is located about 5 km from the city of Padang in the district of sound '. This location is a limestone cave tombs belonging to ancient and To'Para'pak Lengkong, Tandilino descent, people who make the first "erong" (chest of wood). Some of the fruit "can-do" can be seen on the side of the entrance to the cave and the cave can be seen in many "erong" placed on the ground or diselipkan in stone. There are also "erong" is placed on the top of the hill marks a high social status. Some people rent out the gas light to enter the cave, or use a bright flashlight. Londa can be reached by public transport Makale - Rantepao then proceed on foot or ride motorcycles far more less than 2 km.


Lo'ko 'means eye lid. Stone which is the location of tourism is considered to have a shape such as eyelid. Lo'ko'mata located about 2 km from Batutumonga in the district Sesean Suloara. Lo'ko 'eyes can be called as one of the largest grave sites in Tana Toraja, where there are many graves in the terpahat stone. Lo'ko 'eyes can be reached by public transport Rantepao - Batutumonga from Terminal Bolu, motorcycles from Pangli or trekking or Rantepao Rantepao - Batutumonga for about 4 hours.


Marante or Tondon Marante located about 4 km from the city of Padang in the district Tondon. In this location there is a burial cave and some natural "erong" including one in which it "erong" in Tana Toraja. In addition there is also a set of "tau-tau" and the traditional village houses and barns-Tongkonan granary. Marante can be reached by using public transport Rantepao - Bolu Tondon's Terminal and walk about 300 m, with motorcycles or on foot from Rantepao around 45 - 60 minutes.


Palawa 'located about 12 km from the city of Padang in the district Sa'dan. Palawa 'is one of the traditional Toraja villages of the best. Like other traditional villages, Palawa 'own houses and barns-Tongkonan granary. There are eleven units in the house Tongkonan Palawa 'where one of them decorated with hundreds of buffalo horn. Palawa 'can be reached by using public transport Rantepao - Sa'dan terminal of Bolu, motorcycles or walking / trekking.


Since the beginning of tourism development of the Tana Toraja, Rantepao the center of tourism activity. This small city is the city's growing rapidly both in terms of activity and population. Currently, the center of Rantepao also economic activities and education in Tana Toraja. Along with the area of the district Tana Toraja, Rantepao will be the capital of the new districts, namely North Toraja district. Tourism activities as a basis, Rantepao provide diverse accommodation, transportation, drinking eating facilities, communications, souvenir sales, information, tourism and entertainment that is quite complete. Rantepao city can be reached from all over the Tana Toraja, the terminal is in Bolu. Transportation from outside the region such as Tana Toraja Makassar, Palu or Palopo also based in Rantepao.

Makula '

Makula 'located about 27 km from the city of Padang in the district Sangalla' south. In this location there are hot springs that flowed to the three ponds that can be used for swimming or berendam. In addition, accommodation is also available if the restaurant would stay small and needs to eat to drink. Makula 'can be reached by using public transport Makale - Batualu, motorcycles or mountain trekking.


Sillanan is a village located in the district Gandangbatu Sillanan, about 18 km to the south of the city Makale. In this place can be found a few houses that have Tongkonan customary functions of government, especially in areas Sillanan. Each house has a function that Tongkonan different in government. Sillanan also offers a beautiful natural and agro coffee and vegetables. Sillanan can be reached by public transport Makale - Mebali, and then proceed with the transportation Mebali - Sillanan, motorcycles or walking.

Tilangnga '

Tilangnga located about 12 km from the city of Padang in the district of North Makale. There is a natural pond that can be used to swim with the water cooler is surrounded by bamboo forest. Tilangnga also inhabited by by not-big chatter, but not dangerous. Tilangnga usually crowded on weekends or holidays. Tilangnga can be reached by public transport Rantepao - Makale, followed by motorcycles or walking.

TOARCO Jaya (Coffee Plantation)

Arabica and Robusta coffee is planted in a lot of Tana Toraja. Many coffee plantations that have been opened in Tana Toraja, one of which is already a tourism coffee plantation is owned TOARCO Jaya. Plantation is located on daersah Pedamaran, Bokin village, district Rantebua, about 14 km from the town of Rantepao.